Mega Fortune all-time winners list

Mega Fortune is one of the most popular online casino slots ever made. It has three progressive jackpots and the biggest one, Mega Jackpot, is usually in seven figures.

megafortuneMega Fortune is the game that paid the biggest online slot win of all-time and got into the famous Guinness Book of World Records. World record pot of 17.861.813€ was paid to young Norwegian student who played his lucky round at casino. Other jackpot wins over the years have been between 3 to 11 million euros piece.

Winning Mega Jackpots is one of the things Nordic casino players can do well. Over the years 5 of 7 times Mega Fortune’s jackpot has been won by an Scandinavian.

List of Mega Fortune jackpot winners and winning amounts:
13th February 2013 3.105.277€ wont at by UK player
20th January 2013 17.861.813€ wont at by Finnish player
30th March 2012 3.949.000€ wont at by Norwegian player
18th January 2012 6.864.858€ wont at by Finnish player
23th September 2011 11.736.375€ wont at by Norwegian player
18th October 2010 3.900.000€ wont at by Swedish player
14th June 2009 4.345.187€ wont at by Dutch player